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77 palindromes mostly written between 2010 and 2013

1. Name robot to bore man
2. Today as I lip up, eye-pupil is ay, a dot.
3. No snob mob! oh hobo, bomb on son?
4. Po-po pill o lolol ? O look, kool! lolol o lollipop. op
5. Noob above damn! ma devo baboon
6. FTW we rode pooped. or ew WTF?
7. Wow we won doofus! is u food now? ew wow.
8. Ira, fast! rid a golf log! a dirt safari
9. I had no honda. Hi
10. Ate bad. Nap Panda Beta.
11. Garnet Tim? Awesome. O go emo-sew a Mitten-rag!
12. of use yeti-kite? yes UFO!
13. U feta vanilla, all in a vat. Ef u!
14. Won tin/a belt surf-rustle. ban it now!
15. tall are nimble? no!!!! A one-lb mineral later
16. reward a nimrod dorm in a drawer
17. Ah, all is awe. see gnome, long ago to gag no lemon-geese was ill. Aha!
18. But at a gym, Ev, a gypsy spy, gave my gat a tub.
19. I, Dido's fist info, stole lots of nits. if so, did I?
20. Continuos, o unit no. c!
21. set on patio I tap notes
22. Rex, i'm ill at stats. Tall iMixer!
23. La ice? ps: si! el bible is special
24. hug or flag a gal frog...uh
25. re-knit big DNA. Cassie, Issac, and Gib tinker.
26. Cat citation? NO! IT A TIC-TIC
27. EMS! Ok so I finished. eh...sin if iOS KO's me.
28. O gee! behold, I am a maid. Lo, he be ego.
29. blooper? I erupt pure ire, pool B.
30. are volcanoes as eon a clover
31. stink knob. bonk knits
32. Pull ASL lawyer! go grey walls! All up?
33. Revolt Lover
34. Em, tell a pore. but nay! Metal ate my ant. uber opal? let me!
35. Sexist sixes
36. Seven eves
37. not arouse, No nine. ten in ones. u or a ton.
38. Loot A Rolo, Color a tool
39. yo-yo's sib green knee rgb is soy oy!
40. an anti-NEU grape? yep, argue nit nana
41. Tire w? Two on I? Black C albino? Ow, twerk it!
42. Tone Metal u much ado, Greyer god ah cumulate me not.
43. Ferret Toni Won so grey. Ergo, snow in otter ref.
44. Red iceberg ogre? be cider!
45. yam nips a wide jedi wasp in may
46. "eva, wise camp maces!" i wave.
47. Use carrot. a gator races u!
48. O no, ho-man. An N-Ray fo' loops spool of yarn? Nana M! Oh Ono!
49. mo dogs tell limos! so Mill, lets go dom.
50. "Sup, it's done. Ramen!"one mare nods. "Tip us"
51. O Ya! Man, I gave vagina mayo.
52. Pure boss is sober. Up!
53. Do rose, ill lips spill lies, or O.D.?
54. I Maroon no or am I?
55. p Indigo lay a log i'd nip
56. a short dialogue exchange between two horses:
   "Made pony?"
57. DNA war of pi day; a dip for a wand
58. nose sire, yes! latin egg genitals! Eye rises on.
59. Raw kayak war
60. O, He Vacations? No IT; A cave, ho.
61. Namer act? no. Dinosaur, r u a son? I don't care, man.
62. Nil. Mer, get a late gremlin.

condition: you are giving directions, and suddenly an alternative route appears:
palindrome: Subway. Oy, A W-bus?

condition: you are a poetic railroad and consider yourself a minimalist:
palindrome: Train on I; art

condition: you are a cab driver who is having a nightmare about a living, unfocused, cab:
palindrome: One taxi fixate! no!!!

condition: you're a dog who is confused about food, transportation, and the spanish language:
palindrome: El b-bike kibble

condition: your lawyer asks you to step into his office:
palindrome: Walk on in? ok law!

condition: you need to instruct a group of foreign eskimos to get rid of the bugs in their swimming pool:
palindrome: tan igloo PTC, eject pool gnat

condition: you bit into something that you originally thought was someone's leg, but it turned out to be a puppy:
palindrome: god! a tibia! I bit a dog?

condition: you're a castle and you suddenly need to give advice to a hipster football player:
palindrome: me castle? be alt. sack 'em!

condition: you're trying to assemble your robot pet and then a jester referee walks by:
palindrome: ferret's eJaw A? Saw a Jester ref!

condition: you're a pirate and you need to instruct an a cappella singer to overthrow a king by hacking him:
palindrome: yaw, adapt throne tenor http ada way

condition: you're a king and a young man asks how you retain your physique. Subsequently, a tree trunk appears:
palindrome: golden scepter wet pecs, ned! log?

condition: you can only communicate in broken spanish and ebonics, and you need to tell your coworker who to ask about painiting the office:
palindrome: have of el PR up purple fo 'evah

condition: your student is playing a greek alphabet game alone and messes up:
palindrome: Eta? No. Lost solo, nate.

condition: someone questions your popularity, and you want to respond metaphorically:
palindrome: viral? I? missing is. sign is similar IV

condition: someone asks you directions to the pharmacy, what kind of music you write, and how to throw a frisbee:
palindrome: NW. Ode. disk side down